We offer a different perspective of doing business using the internet as a tool for our partners.

We Innovate Within Your Business

Our Combined Tech, Branding, Marketing and business skills makes us a unique South African Company that creates advance solutions for established businesses.


of executives considered their future success to be very or extremely dependent on innovation


of executives think their current business models are at risk and need some form of innovation

Optimising Your Digital Impact

Our human behavior approach of your social media impact will provide us with the right way in which your organisation can be successful online.


As a leader within the digital space, we pride ourselves with been the first and only agency in South Africa that specifically creates Facebook Vertical Ads.

19 Million

South African users access Facebook from a mobile device

21 million

active Facebook South African Users

Our Internal Products

As we grow, we learn more about our audience. This gives us the ability to build solutions offerings that can help our audience grow. 

Some Of our Clients

The Internet will allow you to reach your company full potential

Innovation Within Your Business

We love collaborating with businesses. Our belief is that 90% of established businesses usually plateau at some stage within their businesses, most of the time it is because of lack of an outside view. We partner with businesses to help them find new ways to expand their potential through innovative thinking. Our solutions most of the time results in developing new revenue streams, improving systems that results in cost savings and more.

How we work


We seek an understanding of your current business model as well as how your business is been implemented on the ground.


We consive the right idea for your business. The idea usually falls under the category of INNOVATION or existing concepts.


To feel an idea you need to create it. Our team will create an MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) as fast as you can't imagine.


Depending on the concept developed, we will then define the way in which we will colaborate for effective development and exploitation of the concept

Let's Collaborate

Optimising Your Digital Impact

Where does your business get a better ROI when using social media. Is your social media optimised to give the best return to your business? Our team of digital HACKERS will help your business find the right approach for your digital presence and pass it to  your local agency or your internal marketing team. 

Our Approach




Our approach is focus on these three words OPPORTUNITY-EFFORT-RESULT. The internet is made up of multiple opportunities and we believe that finding the right balance in the process can provide maximum benefit to your company. Identifying the right social media page, the right type of content as well as the right type of Ads to run is extremely vital for the success of your business online. 

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With social media today, the cost to reach people is drastically going down. With as little as R1000, you can reach almost 5000 different people. We believe in social media and we believe in it’s capacity to touch people more effectively than any other form of media. We are introducing for the first time in South Africa an agency that is only focus in creating facebook vertical format ads for businesses that want to make an impact. 

How we do it

To run successful adverts on social media, you want to create captivating stories. You want to deliver it in the most intuitive format and you want to get the maximum engagement on it. Our facebook ads are more than just ads, but they are impactful than most ads because of how we deliver it to our audience.  

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Our Internal Products

We do not just claim to be experts in our services. We practice these services internally first before we can get you on board for any type of approaches over the internet. We love developing internal solutions.

Internal Products


Create your ideal work environment one psychometric test at a time


With a flexible savings plan, AmazzeMe takes the impossible out of traveling



VIMZZ is the first mobile app panic button in the world that allows the live streaming between the user and a security company control room.
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