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6 Unique Business Ideas for The South African Entrepreneur

The South African economy is rife with entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs all wanting to stand out in the market. However, there are endless unique entrepreneurial ideas that could put your entrepreneurial to the next level. So you want to get a jump start? Here are six ideas to get you started.

1. Reintegration Centre for Former inmates:

South Africa has a serious incarceration problem with many former inmates struggling to readjust to normal life after prison. A centre that helps them with learning how to be well adjusted and productive citizen. You could focus on helping inmates with learning things such as applying for jobs, interviews and other skills needed to function in the world outside prison.

2.Cooking Classes for Kids:

Parents all over South Africa want fun and exciting extracurricular activities for their children. A cooking class for kids is not only a fun way to teach them an important life-skill. As an entrepreneur you could set up weekly classes were each child pays a fee for each class taken. Make the cooking lessons as interactive and memorable as possible by adding prizes and colourful décor in your classes.

3. Selling home appliances made from recycled material:

As an entrepreneur you want to always make sure that your business is beneficial to your customers and society at large. By having an enviro-friendly component to your business this will bring a positive reputation to your business and may make it easy for people to be drawn to your business. South Africa is filled with waste material and litter that could be used to make some aesthetically pleasing and functional items. You may just have to get a little creative.

4. Indigenous language tutor:

South Africa has a diverse population with many ethnicity and cultures. As a result, people may struggle to understand each other sometimes. If you are lucky enough to be fluent in one of South Africa’s languages, you could offer your skills to people who want to learn a new language. You could run this on freelance bases on your own or employ other qualified tutors on your behalf.

5. Second Hand Matric Dance Dress Rental:

Matric dance is a monumental occasion for most young people. However sometimes they have to pay high prices to look good for their special day. You could reduce the costs of production in your business by asking people to donate their matric dance dresses that they no longer wear. Then you rent the dresses at a much cheaper price to your Matriculants.

6. Dog Walking:

Many South Africans lead very busy lives and because of that they may not always be able to exercise their pets as often as they want to. You could offer to walk people’s dogs and charge them for whatever rate you think is reasonable.

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