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How to connect with online customers

Buying online follows the immediate urgency for convenience and saving time. It becomes difficult for customers to commit to purchasing any product online because of all uncertainties that are associated with it. As much as people are letting go of the gratification that comes with buying a product and having it immediately, they still have a hard time trusting online stores.

Simple ways of building a connection with online customers:

1.    Connect with Your customers online.

Surveys are a good way of knowing your customers because they are a guide to your customer’s needs. This is an opportunity that allows you to know what are your customer’s direct needs and how you can offer them your products in a better way.

2.    Build a connection with your customers on social media

Most companies are not consisted of posting and updating their social media pages. They neglect to respond to comments and messages on their social media pages, which leaves their customers wondering if there’s any real person behind the page. Failing to show human elements to a business’s online platforms gives off the impression that the brand does not care about its customers. Engaging with your customers on social media improves the relationship and they feel like they can trust the brand.

3.    Create personalized email campaign

Automated un-personalized emails often come across as spam so no one bothers opening them because it’s probably someone trying to sell you something you don’t need. This does not sound too good for your business because you are sending an email to your customer to provide important information. Personalizing your subject line and addressing them by their name sparks an emotional connection that will be hard for your customer to forget.

4.    Publish customer testimonials on your online platforms.

Receiving testimonials from your past satisfied customers is a great way of getting potential customers because they will feel safer seeing reviews of people who have purchased your product. You can ask your past customers to write about their experiences with your product. You can email them a set of questions to get the desired responses.

5.    Video chat for customer support

Video chatting with customers for customer support can build an unbreakable emotional connection because of the customer that you care more than just selling them a product. It gives off the impression that you value your customers as much as your merchandise.

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