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How to Work with Millennials

Millennials make up the majority of the workforce today. As a result, many companies and work spaces may need to adjust to their work preferences in order to have a cohesive working environment for them as they are predicted to make up 75% of the workplace by 2025. Obviously not all millennials are not the same or prefer the same working environments but there are some things that are similar with most millennials.

Millennials often come to the world of work with high expectations and many ideas. However, the work environment can sometimes prove to be in conflict with their ideals. Many want to change the world and make an impact in their environments but they find themselves in companies that don’t necessarily value the same things. If you want to attract the idealistic millennial to your company, you will have to create a culture of philanthropy and contribution towards causes outside the immediate work environment.

As a general trend millennial tend to change jobs more than the previous generation, so many don’t see company loyalty as a big deal unless there is an opportunity for growth. Ken Coleman stated that “It is important to understand that millennials enter the workforce with the mind-set that they will move from job to job over the course of their career. They look at work as a temporary opportunity that will lead to the next opportunity.” This means that the work environment has to provide ample room for growth as m report not seeing themselves with one company for more than two years. Although promotion may not always be possible give them the space to prove themselves to try new things.

Another characteristic of millennials is that they don’t do very well with working environments that are too structured. Many millennials want to work in environments where they can determine their own schedules and experimenting with roles in the company that would normally be tightly reserved for certain individuals. Ideally many millennials would like to be their own boss. So if you have Generation-Y workers in your environment it would be good to allow some sort of freedom this can be dress code, time, idea generation etc.

One of the other distinctions of millennials is that they like to understand the reason behind certain decisions are being taken in the company. This can cause a few misunderstandings with generation x’s who often have a no question approach in the workplace. Whereas, many millennials want to know why before they work. As an employee the best thing would be to contextualize your instructions to help your employees understand the reasons behind why you want them to do certain tasks. Millennials get a kick out of putting their ideas out there and seeing them gain momentum. However, because many grew up in a fast paced internet age many want feedback from their superiors and supervisors almost instantly. Many work best with the cycle of prototyping, getting feedback, and repeating. This allows them to keep track of their progress in an almost instantaneous way. So as an employee you will

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