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Managing and Growing a New Business Venture

Growing and managing a business in its infancy can be very hard work. But it can be done if you know what to prioritize and manage effectively. Here are 5 ways you can manage and grow a business.


Strategy should always be at the forefront of every one of your decision making processes. You should have a vision and mission statement to help you guide you through the strategy of your business. You need to know your SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). This will help you assess were you are in your field and against your competitors and help you make the necessary changes.


Since your business is currently in its early stages at this point. Promoting your business at this point is very crucial as it will help you gain the growth that you desire and it is here where you are making your reputation for your business known. So you will need to come up with clever marketing strategies to put your name out there and help your business gain traction.


Most business plans concentrate on this area because they need profit or to try save money through budgeting. Since money is the lifeline of a business, an entrepreneur should always know the state of their finances. This requires a realistic prediction of cash flow, even though it can be difficult to forecast the future. To do so there needs to be an effective plan on how to budget as well as make predictions about future revenue. This can be done by looking or studying business models similar to yours.

Human resources

Human labour is your biggest asset in your business as you can achieve higher productivity and as a result make more money. You should be strategic about which roles each staff member fulfils and make sure that you don’t over hire or under hire. The competency of your staff is also key to achieving growth in a small business.


In most businesses, this not only involves equipment, but processes. Essentially, business operations are those that create and deliver the products or services to customers. In most new businesses situations, the business owner performs many roles, including operations. But there is a danger in this: The operator must always remember that he or she is managing a business, not working in a job. This can lead to a business failing as other aspects that the owner should be focused on are ignored whilst operations take precedence. So it’s important to hire the necessary people to handle the job.

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