Innovation Within Your Business

We love collaborating with businesses. Our belief is that 90% of established businesses usually plateau at some stage within their businesses, most of the time it is because of lack of an outside view. We partner with businesses to help them find new ways to expand their potential through innovative thinking. Our solutions most of the time results in developing new revenue streams, improving systems that results in cost savings and more.

How we work


We seek an understanding of your current business model as well as how your business is being implemented on the ground.


We conceive the right idea for your business. The idea usually falls under the category of INNOVATION or existing concepts.


To feel an idea you need to create it. Our team will create an MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) as fast as you can't imagine.


Depending on the concept developed, we will then define the way in which we will collaborate for effective development and exploitation of the concept

Optimising Your Digital Impact

Where does your business get’s a better ROI when using social media. Is your social media optimised to give the best return to your business? Our team of digital HACKERS will help your business find the right approach for your digital presence and pass it to  your local agency or your internal marketing team. 

Our Approach




Our approach is focus on these three words OPPORTUNITY-EFFORT-RESULT. The internet is made up of multiple opportunities and we believe that finding the right balance in the process can provide maximum benefit to your company. Identifying the right social media page, the right type of content as well as the right type of Ads to run is extremely vital for the success of your business online. 


We are introducing for the first time in South Africa a digital marketing company that creates Facebook vertical format ads for businesses that want to make an impact. To run successful adverts on social media, you want to create captivating stories. You want to deliver it in the most intuitive format and you want to get the maximum engagement on it. Our Facebook ads are more than just ads, their intrusive, fun, interactive and impactful.


We are your number one Crisis management partner. We operate by identifying the hot zones on the internet. Our aim is to distract the message and prevent it from growing into a major situation. During this process, we set up a series of highly impactful content and activate our partners media accounts to prevent the critical message to evolve into a crisis.


We reduce negative sentiments by capturing and communicating positive stories. Most brands fail to effectively communicate how they positively impact society. Using indirect marketing, we create content that are aim to change the way people perceive and interact with your brand. We use psycho-graphic, psycho-content and hyper targeting to get people to start believing into your brand.


We indirectly manage how people engage with your brand by constantly creating relevant engagements, content, articles and more than that our aim to always show the good side of your brand. We monitor and directly block the spread of any negative comments that can affect your brand. This is a 24/7 service offering where any single mention of your brand is immediately attended to by one of our agents.


Business are slowly integrating digital marketing within their businesses. But the dig- ital space is still a very unknown area of operation for most of them even when having team inside the business. What we do best is to come into your business for three months and test everything possible to help you identify the right goal for your digital team.

#1 Marketing Agency In The SA Property Industry

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